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Packaging Express has always focused on speed! We want to make and deliver custom boxes and packaging to our customers faster than any of our competitors. Our motto is “When Yesterday Isn’t Soon Enough!” We do this by being a nimble team and focus on what our customers need. The other piece is the machines that we have in place to make corrugated boxes as quick and efficient as we can. During the past two years we have focused our growth on space and new machines that will support our goal of quality packaging made fast!
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Emba 175 Corrugated Box Maker

Last year we took a major step forward in keeping our promise of being one of the fastest box plants in the Rocky Mountain Region.  We purchased a brand-new machine – the EMBA 175 Flexo Folder Gluer!  Made in Sweden, this new box maker will make Packaging Express a true force in the box industry.  The EMBA 175 is the fastest box maker in Colorado.  It can produce up to 500 boxes per minute!  And we will have the ability to offer 3-color print.

The EMBA 175 is the combination of top of the line box making performance with the savings in raw materials and energy usage.  This machine also has “Non-Crush Converting technology” that eliminates nip points.  This feature will preserve the strength of the corrugated material throughout the entire production process!

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Quality Corrugated Boxes Made in Colorado

The EMBA 175 will be a work-horse for manufacturing three types of boxes:

      • Regular Slotted Container (RSC)
      • Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL)
      • Half Slotted Container (HSC)

You can learn more about the EMBA 175 Flexo Folder Gluer.

Quality Corrugated Boxes Made in Colorado